“Ginza Fashion Week Re-Design Exhibit with Kabuki Costumes” presents a line-up of one of a kind dress and accessories made of textiles ordinarily used only for Kabuki costumes. Available at the Terrace/Terrace Court on the 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi.

Kimono made of pure silk named okinagoushi and used for the costumes of Musashibo Benkei (a Japanese warrior monk) in the Kabuki performances Fuji Musume, Tsuchigumo, and Kanjincho are re-styled by Japanese designers. These items are only worn by Kabuki actors, and this rare collection created for Ginza Fashion Week fuses traditional elements with contemporary aspects. Taro Horiuchi, support surface, FLICKA, sakayori, akane utsunomiya and other designers created one and only items, which are on exhibit and sale. Wear, scrunchies, bags and sweets packaged in boxes made of the traditional textiles are in store.

“At its peak, there were nearly 100 Nishijin weave houses in Kyoto. Now, only a few remain. This project serves an important role in communicating traditional craftsmanship to modern society. We are very happy with the designs created by the participating designers,” says Kimono stylist Nobuaki Tomita.