araisara (designer: Sara Arai) presented its 2014 SS collection at Meiji Memorial Hall on Oct 17. Under the visionary light of the moon on the thirteenth night of the lunar month, the show introduced 42 designs themed “Fantasy.”

The highlight of the collection was linear silhouettes in bright green and blue combined with black. Linen-like coarse cloths were mixed with soft and light materials. The show continued with black sunflower dresses in satin and chiffon of pale blue, green or yellow gradation. “I intentionally created the gradation and hazy shades with a dyeing machine to bring out subtle and delicate touch. Then, the designs were finished with a black sunflower handmade by artisans to express a profound and solid look,” says Arai. Also, Arai being selective about materials, the black and white jackets were made with Japanese paper. This material with Japanese taste and breathability is washable and can be ironed. The green and blue jackets were made with the mixture of Japanese paper and silk and the see-through items with wool.

Arai continues, “I wanted to create the collage of machine technology realized by human efforts and Japanese traditional technique. When I got to know about a factory which handled both machine and hand-made dyeing in Kyoto last season, I realized that machines were not necessarily for mass-production. We listen to music on stereo in one occasion and a live performance on another. There is no border between ‘natural and artificial’ in our lives. I incorporated the image of a gracious moment into the theme of ‘Fantasy.’”