Executive of the prolific creative unit Rhizomatiks, Seiichi Saito is directing an exhibit titled “Not Architect, But Architecture” at Omotesando GYRE art space, EYE OF GYRE. From October 23rd to November 4th.

The exhibit includes installations that are made possible with Rhizomatiks' projection mapping and match move systems, interviews on artists of various fields who have once studied architecture, talk show events, and footages.

Featured are “architects who quit architecture.” Creators who once pursued architecture during college or graduate school but did not choose to become an architect will explore the future of architecture via technology and art. Why did they choose a different field over architecture for their creative output? How are these creators influenced by the mindset of architecture and its education? The answers are discernible in their works.

The exhibit also seeks to extend the scope of architecture by introducing the latest technologies that create the “virtual world”- a domain which sees advancements at the speed of light yet still left unrecognized in the field of architecture.

Main displays include:
-FUELEST… an interactive event by NIKE LONDON that took place in a power station in London
-FULL CONTROL YOUR CITY… au by KDDI commercial illustrating how anyone can control Tokyo with just a mobile phone
- FULL CONTROL TOKYO… an interactive event with Kyarypamyupamyu that took place at Zojo-ji Temple, two months after the FULL CONTROL YOUR CITY commercial aired on TV

Participants include: web designer and footage director Yugo Nakamura, art buyer and producer Akio Iida, Ryosuke Takei who pursues communication through bicycles, and more.