Sogo and Seibu department stores will introduce collaborated items with world famous design office “nendo” and Japanese traditional manufacturers under the series “by | n meister” and “by | n”.

For “by | n meister,” 7 genres including cutlery by nendo × Kobayashi Kogyo (5,040 yen each), porcelain by nendo × Gen-Emon Kiln (1,260 yen to 25,200 yen), wooden tableware by nendo × Nakagawa Mokkougei Hira Kobo (12,600 yen to 113,750 yen), Japanese paper, Nishijin silk fabrics, metal cooking utensils, and lacquer ware are lined up. From Oct 22 at Seibu Shibuya store, and from the beginning of November at Seibu Ikebukuro store, Sogo Yokohama and Omiya stores. From Oct 22 to Nov 4, “Small surprises (!) for daily life by | n meister exhibit” is being held at Seibu Shibuya, featuring the series’ drawings of items and products, and trial pieces.

For “by | n,” nendo plans to produce approx. 500 items. As series no. 1, towels are sold at Sogo and Seibu stores (priced at 630 yen to 3,990 yen). From next year, eyewear, stationery, tableware and chopsticks will be available.

nendo (representative & designer: Oki Sato) was founded in 2002. Based in Tokyo, Milan and Singapore.