At Mikimoto Hall (6F) of Mikimoto main store, Fumiko Yamashita Kihachijo Exhibit -Some no Waza Ori no Hana-will be held from Oct 24 to 29.

Fumiko Yamashita, the fourth generation of the Yamashita family, creates Kihachijo (checkered yellow silk cloth) in Hachijo Island, Japan. She will present 27 new artworks as well as Eikancho, the sample collection book of Kihachijo from the Edo period. The Yamashita family is selective about silk thread and uses the thread similar to the native Koishimaru, which is farmed at the cocoonery of the Imperial House. Artworks by Fumiko Yamashita include: Kijaku (kimono cloth), Eba (coat) and Karijitate (tacking).

Kihachijo, one of the most famous pongees, was presented to the shogun houses as a tribute during the Edo period. It was selected as an important intangible cultural asset of Tokyo in 1984. The silk thread is dyed yellow, reddish yellow and black using plants wildly grown in Hachijo Island and woven into kimono cloth by hand.

【Exhibit Information】
Fumiko Yamashita Kihachijo Exhibit -Some no Waza Ori no Hana-
Venue: Mikimoto Hall
Address: 6F, Mikimoto main store, 4-5-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Dates: Oct 24 to 29
Time: 11 am to 7 pm
Admission: free of charge