Isetan Shinjuku store, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store and Ginza Mitsukoshi store host the “Isetan Mitsukoshi Design Week 2013” from Oct 23.

One of the main projects of Isetan Shinjuku is “Knots and Scraps” (venue: on 1F =The Stage). This is the first collaboration project between MARUNI WOOD INDUSTRY INC. and mina perhonen. HIROSHIMA armchairs designed by Naoto Fukasawa and manufactured by MARUNI decorated with mina perhonen’s patchwork of waste fabrics, and original chairs made with mina perhonen’s newly designed fabrics are lined up. The original chairs introduce the charm that aging can create. Since only 100 chairs are available, people are waiting in line before store opening hours. Also, 3 styles of limited edition bags whose shapes resemble the seat of the HIROSHIMA chair are in store. Until Oct 29.

At the lifestyle section on the 5F, “MARIKAUPPA” lines-up limited items, discontinued fabrics, and tableware and stationery from Marimekko such as newly developed Weather Diary and Isetan limited color items with PUKETTI patterns.

In addition, SERIES 7 chairs by furniture maker in Denmark “Fritz Hansen,” collaboration chairs by UK fabric brand “DESIGNERS GUILD,” and BEAN STOOL by furniture designer Kinichi Ogata are available. Events such as “LIFE is ART” to feature young potters Ryota Aoki, Hajime Tamura, Yoshinori Takemura and Nobuhiko Tanaka, who were all inspired by British potter Lucie Rie, and “Chanoyu Oribe-tique” to introduce utensils for tea ceremony in collaboration with the manga “Hyouge-mono” are being held.

A shop of matryoshka dolls by picture book writer Tomoko Ichikawa at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store, and a make-believe department store “Kawashimaya Mirai Hyakkaten” by Yoko Kawashima at Ginza Mitsukoshi store are also open. Under the theme “HAND MADE BY/FOR ME,” over 30 events are to be held at the three Isetan Mitsukoshi stores until Nov 5.