Seibu Shibuya store hosts the “Shibuya Design Marche” from Oct 22 to Nov 4. Commodities, sundries and foods produced by about 40 manufacturers selected from all over Japan are on sale.

At the entrance on the 1F of the A building, 3-layered “Tokyo Pancake” by Sanei, sweet and light rice cracker “Shibafune” from Kanazawa-city, bittersweet “Jiman Kusamochi” by Suzuki Seika are lined up (Jiman Kusamochi is available only on Oct 26 and Nov 2).

At the promotion space on the same floor, Japanese traditional crafts are introduced: “Hidehisa mini mini scissors” by Toyama Hamono and “Katsuo” by Kakuri Corporation. Toyama Hamono was founded in the Edo period and is famous for scissors for gardening and flower arrangement. Katsuo (shaver for dried bonito with a flat blade) by Kakuri is made of the best quality steel and finished with 3 steps of sharpening. Also, items from Art and Textile Workshop by Masako Moryo, who handles the entire process from dyeing, spinning, weaving to sewing, are on sale.

At the seasonal space on the 1F of Shibuya Loft, 10 items such as sakasa-koma (tipped top) by Nishimura Kinzoku and Japanese candles by Daiyo are lined-up. At the Loft Forum on the 6F, 5 types of containers including pottery by Koubeigama and Nanbu ironware by Oigen Chuzo are featured.

This event is part of a new project “Shibuya Design Site 2013” hosted by Seibu Shibuya store and Shibuya Loft under the concept of “Change Design in Japan from Shibuya.”