Fashion house FENDI has released its latest perfume L’ACQUAROSSA (30ml/ 7,900 yen, 50ml/ 11,400 yen, 75ml/ 13,900 yen) today, on Oct 25. It is the first time for the brand to bring its fragrances to the Japanese market.

The classy stopper in black and gold resembles the clasp design of the much coveted PEEKABOO bag. The bold yet magnificently elegant red and rigidly square bottle is accented with gold at its base with the double F logo inscription. The box sports two types of red in FENDI’s iconic pequin stripes. The perfume’s name, “L’ACQUAROSSA” is engraved in gold across the top.

The fragrance was developed by perfumers Delphine Lebeau, Benoit Lapouza and LVMH Fragrance Department Director Francois Demachy. Bergamot and tangerine were selected to create fresh opening notes. A bouquet of red and gold lantana, rose, and magnolia follow to bring in the Mediterranean spiciness. For the final touch, red cedar wood, patchouli, and musk conclude the floral and woody aroma femininely.

French actress and singer Chiara Mastroianni was selected for the face of L’ACQUAROSSA. Daughter of Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni and French actress Catherine Deneuve, Chiara expresses the audacious and proud FENDI woman in the city of Rome.