Have you guys heard of this film called "Hafu"?

As you may or may not know this term coming from the English word "half," it is used to describe people in Japan who are mixed between Japan and another foreign country. So I am a Hafu because I'm half German, half Japanese.

Being mixed race in Japan can sometimes be a very big bonus for you, but at the same time also very difficult. I'm sure that each one of us has different experiences but I, most of the time was not accepted as one of them. Which doesn't mean they treat you badly, the opposite actually. All I ever wanted though was to be treated the same. Just normal. Yes I look very different maybe, but people always make such a big fuss about the fact that I am a Hafu. I remember the years growing up in Japan, all I wished for was to be able to blend in with everyone around me. Anyway, these are just some of my experiences. I now pride myself in being a Hafu :)

I have't seen the film "Hafu" yet but it is showing in Berlin. I will be there next week so I definitely want to check it out. It's also showing now in Tokyo if you are interested!

Hafu: the mixed-race experience in Japan [Official Trailer] from Hafu Film on Vimeo.