Under the concept “Hasami-yaki to the World,” the brand “Monohara” will be launched this winter. For its debut series, it will team-up with House Industries, US type foundry and design studio. A total of 18 items will be lined-up for the collaborated collection. The items from the collection are currently pre-sold on the 5th floor of Isetan Shinjuku (until Nov 12).

It took one year for Nagasaki-based Maruhiro Inc. to create the “Monohara” brand. The concept is to have people from around the world use the brand’s items, which have been adored from long ago by Japanese people. The brand plans to team-up with artists from around the world to create easy to use and friendly designs.

Hasami from 1690 to 1860 was called the “Kurawan period,” when the craftsmen there mass produced daily tableware for commoners. It is said that Hasami at that time outnumbered other places in Japan in the production of chinaware. Reflecting the Kurawan period, the brand offers daily items at reasonable prices.

“Plates with ‘m’ motif designed by the art director of House Industries Andy Cruz were created imaged after Monohara’s initial and smoke coming from the kilns. Bowls are nested and microwavable,” says Kyohei Baba, the brand manager of Maruhiro Inc.

Plates are available in 5 types, in sizes ranging from 12 cm to 25 cm (prices from 630 yen to 3,465 yen) and bowls in 6 types from 9 cm to 25 cm (840 yen to 6,300 yen). Teapots (8,400 yen) and cups (1,050 yen) are available in 2 colors- blue or red. Baba continues, “The indigo blue gosu color and glazes are modeled after the chinaware from the Kurawan period.”

Monohara is a place near kilns where craftsmen would throw away failed ware. The long-standing Monohara produced layers of chinaware along with its long history and traditional technique. New Hasami-Yaki is born from the historic Monohara.