The anime “Six Heart Princess (6HP) Pink or Black” directed by Takashi Murakami has been viewed on YouTube over 190,000 times in the past 3 weeks since its release.

The anime was created for a collaboration project with cosmetics brand shu uemura. Hatsune Miku, the immensely popular vocaloid, sings the song “Pink or Black” for the piece. The plot is based in Nakano, Akihabara and other places representing Otaku culture. A pink princess representing good fights a black princess symbolizing evil.

Kx of livetune took charge of the music. His piece sung by Hatsune Miku was viewed more than 3,500,000 times online. He also handled the music for “Google Chrome TV commercial in Hatsune Miku version” and “Meme no Kurage,” the first movie directed by Murakami.

The characters design and animation were directed by mebae, who is an illustrator and the representative of animation studio “Studio Poncotan.” The studio was founded by Kaikai Kiki in 2011. The choreographer was Ken Maeda, who handled the ending animation of Precure.

The “Six Heart Princess by takashi murakami for shu” makeup collection consisting of 19 items will go on sale from Nov 1.

Six Heart Princess by takashi murakami for shu uemura