Takisada Nagoya presented textiles for the 2014 autumn/winter season under the theme, “Urban Camouflage.” The collection presents are a wide variety of patterns such as camouflage, animal, reptile, digital, and plain or 3-dimensional geometric.

The collection was exhibited under four main themes: balmy heart, fearless, no style no life, and it’s fashionista. Balmy heart introduces soft materials: raised fabric, Angora mixture and cashmere mixture. With warm predominant colors like beige, pink and red, winter pastel colors such as saxe blue and pale green are used as accents. Fearless has wild but methodical feel, with brown, ice white and silver gray shades accentuated with gold. No style no life has North European touch, with beige, charcoal gray and heather gray accentuated with ice blue. It’s fashionista features bright and loud colors.

The project dubbed “Master of Creation” launched for 2014 spring/summer carries onto the next season. Bonded materials and needle punches are lined up. “Ray & Warm” textiles are made with Unitika Ltd. developed cellulose threads. This textile absorbs sunlight and captures its heat to keep the wearer warm.