On Oct 30, the iconic tartan check pattern, which represented the Isetan brand for 55 years, was renewed. A pop-up event featuring the new pattern named “MacMillan/Isetan” is open at the Stage on the 1st floor of Isetan Shinjuku store. Until Nov 5.

The event is dubbed “my treasure box” and introduces limited collaboration items with 20 brands.

MACKINTOSH presents a coat with the MacMillan/Isetan lining made by Lochcarron of Scotland, a fabric manufacturer in Scotland. bobby dazzler in London introduces one and only handmade teddy bears using the tartan. mina perhonen, a Japanese brand that frequently uses tartans including its original blue by Lochcarron, introduces 3 styles of tote bags. The blue tartan, introduced on the tote bags, has been registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

Signature items for the collaboration are a kaleidoscope, and set of a bottle of single cask whisky with 2 Edo Kiriko glasses (faceted glasses). Kaleidoscopes were born in Scotland and are well-known to the people. The tartan-like faceted glasses were handmade by Edo Kiriko artisans.

Also, trunks from merci, a popular select shop in Paris, items from Scottish brands such as bags from queen and belle, rain boots from Hunter, stoles from Johnstons, notebooks from moleskine, items from Japanese brands such as umbrellas from Aurora, reversible ties from giraffe, and socks from Antipast as well as Rubik’s Cubes are available.

“We wanted to update the image of tartan check patterns in the minds of our female customers. Our selection is varied and lines-up fashion items and sundries. We eventually want to open a shop focusing on items made from this specific pattern,” says a buyer from Isetan.