Vivienne Westwood collaborates with 5 UK brands for a project dubbed “Vivienne Westwood Loves.” Brands that sympathize with Westwood’s motto, “Don’t buy too much, choose quality over quantity to keep items longer,” were selected.

Globe-Trotter, a travel bag brand founded in 1897, presents collaborated suitcases (126,000 yen to 294,000 yen). Available in two colors, cream and midnight blue. For the liners, tartan in Westwood’s signature red and blue is used.

70-year Gloverall introduces made-in-London duffel coats. 2 styles are available: one with Westwood’s manifest message (99,750 yen) and one with tartan print overdrawn on double face tartan (115,500 yen).

Johnstons of Elgin, a cashmere and wool brand situated in the northeast of Scotland, introduces cardigans (84,000 yen) and pullovers (73,500 yen) in red×blue and soft gray ×caramel argyle. Also, tartan cashmere stoles, which were made inspired by the wool cape presented in the Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection this season, are available (2 styles: 52,500 yen each).

Lock & Co., a high-end hat brand founded in 1676, created hats under Westwood’s recycling concept, “Do It Yourself.” The original Lennon caps (29,400 yen) were made with scraps of cloth from the Gold Label collection. Foldable soft trilby hats (3 styles: 68,250 yen each) come with a long ribbon to make one’s favorite knot. Both hats are placed in an original box printed with the graphics of Westwood’s eco campaign.

Pantherella, a luxury socks brand whose factory is located in Leicester, England, introduces collaborated socks (5,775 yen each). 3 styles in fuchsia pink×scarlet red, lemon yellow×saffron, and mid gray×charcoal gray are available. The body, toe and heel of one sock of each pair has different coloring from the other.

The items will go on sale at Aoyama, Shinsaibashi and Nagoya Vivienne Westwood stores for women, and Omotesando and Hankyu Men’s Osaka for men from the middle of November.