On Nov 1, Saga Prefecture signed a partnership agreement with the Dutch Embassy as part of the prefecture’s attempt to re-boost the local Arita ware industry, which proudly enters the 400th year of foundation in 2016.

After the agreement was sealed, Governor Yasushi Furukawa stated, “During the 17 century, Aritayaki saw its golden age as the high-quality wares were extensively exported throughout Europe. I hope this partnership will help it flourish again throughout the 21 century.” Ambassador Radinck Jan VAN VOLLENHOVEN further stated, “’Dutch Design’ is constantly striving for new, exciting designs. It will be a true pleasure to see the fusion with the traditional porcelain making industry of Arita.”

Arita manufacturers will work with Dutch and worldwide designers in hope to come back strong in the global market. It will also hold workshops and other opportunities to interact with Arita lovers so that creators from around the world will visit first hand.

In hopes to revive the local industry, Arita welcomed creative director Teruhiro Yanagihara to initiate “1616 / arita japan”. Adhering to Arita traditions, the brand develops new designs that adapt to the diversifying modern lifestyles. The “Color Poreclain” series by Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings is especially highly credited internationally.