I purchased a Vanden Plas Princess, something I’d been dying for, just before the summer. Though it is only a one-year limited ownership, I am thoroughly enjoying the car.

The 1971 Princess is equipped with an air conditioner, servo-brake, retractable seat belts and other necessities for comfortable driving. The exterior and engine are in great condition as well.

The car is perfect for me, but if you force me to nitpick, I can say that it is prone to understeering and heavy steering as it is an early FF layout vehicle. (After driving for a while though, I don’t feel much heaviness.)

I am continuously reminded of the joy of driving an antique car. I am not a speeder, and I like to feel in control when driving.

It is such a shame that I have to give up this great car and look for a new owner in a few months.