Cafe dubbed “Bar Zingaro” produced by Takashi Murakami opened on the 2nd floor of Nakano Broadway.

The cafe introduces 3 themes: coffee, cocktail and art. The interior is decorated with artworks selected by Murakami and those by the artist himself. In line with the “Three People Exhibit” to be held at Oz Zingaro on the 4th floor from Nov 22, artworks by potters Yuji Ueda, Otani Kousaku Shitsu and Yukiharu Kumagai currently adorn the walls of the cafe.

The interior design was handled by Fuglen, a cafe from Oslo, Norway. The menu consists of coffee, espresso, cocktails, beers and wines. Bread and cakes are also served.

In addition, the cafe will be used as an event space to bring together the galleries of the building- Kaikai Zingaro, Hidari Zingaro, pixiv Zingaro and Oz Zingaro.