In the runup to the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 starting this weekend, a welcome event offering a peek into the future of Toyota luxury brand “LEXUS” was held on Nov 18. The “AMAZING NIGHT for the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013” was hosted at the Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan and enthralled the crowd- from Japan and overseas- eager to be the first to witness brand new models that would be showing at the imminent Tokyo Motor show.

An extra element of dazzle was brought to the event by the hands of state-of-the-art tech-creative unit Rhizomatiks in the form of a myriad of visuals projected on to two huge suspended screens. The screen would move up and down in accordance with the presentation and performances, and was positioned to encircle the space where the dohyo (ring) would be in the event of a sumo match.

The images ranged from floating organic bubbles and ribbons to fluctuating abstract graphics, some resembled family crests and kabuki drop curtains in reflection of the “Wa (Japanese) Design” the Lexus brand pursues through product engineering expanding outside of vehicle design. The visuals also complimented live performances from DJ TOWA TEI and jazz band PE’Z by changing and synchronizing with the music, bringing all those present together in the party mood.

A presentation from Lexus International Executive Vice President Mark Templin included an introduction of concept models “LEXUS RC” and “LEXUS LF-NX” showing for the very first time, viewings on a giant screen of the newest brand commercial videos and a flight demonstration of the compact quadrotor helicopter “QR1” appearing in commercials. The venue simultaneously hosted a product exhibit of “CRAFTED FOR LEXUS”, a brand with a focus on Japanese craftsworkers’ skills, and a showcasing of the Tokyo Aoyama experience space “INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO”. The outcome was an event aglow with the Lexus world perspective and their relentless quest for design.