A party was held in Tokyo, in commemoration of the publishing of the Michelin Guide Tokyo/Yokohama/Shonan 2014. Chefs from 14 restaurants awarded the highest ranking of 3 Michelin stars were featured as guests.

From the 2014 version, Bib Gourmand, a rating for Italian and French restaurants which serve good food at moderate prices (under 5,000 yen), has been introduced. The rating criteria are the same as for the Michelin stars, and the aim is to introduce reasonably priced high quality restaurants.

Bib Gourmand is derived from the French word “gourmand” and the nickname of the corporate character Bibendum. In the 2014 guide, 157 restaurants have received the Bib Gourmand.

“We hope that with the addition of the Bib Gourmand, people will be able to enjoy dining with family and friends in a casual setting,” said Bernard Delmas, the president of Nihon Michelin Tire.

“Tokyo is the most important city in the world when it comes to cuisine. My respects to all who are a part of creating such fine cuisine,” explained Michael Ellis, the worldwide director of the guide.

The guide will be sold from Dec 6 at a price of 2,940 yen.