Kiko Mizuhara is attracting legions of attention as she tweeted “OMGGGGG!!! I’M DYING NOW.” Is she excited? Definitely. Is she overstating it? Well, if you see Beyonce wearing an outfit that you’ve designed, you will most likely feel your heart skip a beat or two! On her official Twitter account, Mizuhara excitedly thanked Beyonce and expressed her love for the queen of R&B.

What Beyonce was spotted sporting were pizza printed crop top and knitted leggings from collaborative brand “Kiko Mizuhara for OPENING CEREMONY.”

When Mizuhara found out, she tweeted (this time in Japanese) “OMG. Beyonce is wearing clothes that I designed. I may die. I am sooooo happy, I may die. I may die. I can’t put it into words.” Kozue Akimoto, Miwa Nakabayashi, Juliana Minato are among the many model friends who tweeted their congrats to the overwhelmed Mizuhara.