The art festival DOGO ONSENART 2014 (Ehime prefecture) will be held in commemoration of the 120th anniversary since the reconstruction of Dogo Onsen. The event will pre-open from Dec 24 and hold its grand opening on Apr 10, 2014. Until Dec 31, 2014.

Dogo Onsen is Japan’s oldest hot spring, cited in Nihon Shoki (the second oldest book of Japanese history), and the event is directed and managed by creators from the area. The overall production is handled by Spiral/Wacoal Art Center.

The Hotel Horizontal, one of the main programs, presents hotel rooms decorated with art from 10 hotels. Guests are able to reserve the rooms and stay there.

5 out of the 10 hotels will open in line with the pre-opening.

They feature:
- Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki (at Hotel Kowakuen) to show a 16-tatami room whose 4 fusumas (framed and papered sliding doors used as room partitions) are adorned with his Kinbaku art photos to introduce the bewitching beauty of a Japanese house and women under the theme “paradise”;
- Artist Yayoi Kusama (at Takaraso Hotel) to exhibit her archive, representative and latest works;
- Designer Akira Minagawa (at Hanayuzuki) to decorate a room with his artwork. The fabric board of “choucho” from mina perhonen designed by Minagawa and shoji (sliding paper screen) with trees in the forest embellish the room;
- Fujiwo Ishimoto (at Chaharu), Ehime born former textile designer of marimekko, to produce a room titled “Suuri Taiga” and;
- Poet Shuntaro Tanikawa (at Dogokan) to exhibit his favorite items under the concept “Shuntaro Tanikawa’s Desk.”

The details of the other participating hotels such as Dogo Yaya, Funaya, Dogo Prince Hotel, Hotel Luna Park and Yamanote Hotel are to be announced.

For the pre-opening, Jiro Hirano will hold a public event dubbed “Ginga.” Aya Tsukioka will also showcase her imaginary travel agency project titled “Tsuki Tours.”

For the grand opening on Apr 10, Rhizomatiks and Fujiko Nakaya will present the Dogo Onsen main building as an artwork.

Mitsushi Yanaihara from Ehime designed the uniforms for the event, part of which will be worn from the pre-opening.

【Event Information】
Venue: Dogo Onsen and surrounding areas
Dates: pre-opening from Dec 24, 2013 / grand open from Apr 10, 2014 / finale Dec 31, 2014