On the 1st floor, 25 shops in the food court “Gourme-guri” including new enterprise “manufacturer’s concept shops” such as “KIRIN Smile Factory” from KIRIN Group, “6PPARK” from MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co. Ltd. and “Calbee Plus” from Calbee Group will be housed.

The 2nd floor restaurant area “Grand Diners” lines up 14 restaurants, 8 of which are new to Chiba prefecture including “Gyutan Rikyu,” “Tempura Tsunahachi” and “100 Spoons” by Soup Stock Tokyo.

The 3rd floor has the special feature named “LIVE KITCHEN,” laying out kitchens and seating area next to each other enabling the customers to feel the “LIVE” cooking and heat from the kitchen. Selected 18 gourmet restaurants are lined up in a relaxing extensive space with 1,300 seats and a bar counter. “GUNDAM Cafe,” “Train Cafe” and character item shop “COSPA AJIA” are gathered in the “Cool Japan” concept area “JAPAN POP JUNGLE,” disseminating Japanese pop culture.

One of the mall’s highlights “Next-Generation Entertainment Zone” dispatches new cultures and arts. Comedy shows, dance performances, idol live performances, and “Yoshimoto Gekijo Makuhari AEON Mall,” performing full-scaled entertainment shows are available as well as “AEON Cinema” introducing “D-BOX (an entertainment of moving seats coordinated with movie scenes).”

Grand Mall features numbers of event spaces; “Grand Court,” “AEON Court,” “Hobby Court”, and multi-purposed “AEON Hall.” Unique outdoor spaces including 1,000 capacity “Grand Square,” a leafy pathway “Green Walk,” “Kaze no Oka (Hill of Winds)” directed by garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara, and “Grand Terrace,” providing a fabulous view of Tokyo Bay. In accordance with Makuhari’s distinctive local character of having many international events, two prayer rooms are available for non-Japanese visitors.

Part 3 will introduce family-fun amusement “Family Mall.”