The keyword of the “Family Mall” is “Three-generations with a focus on kids”. A job experience theme park, entertainment museum and snack manufacturer antenna shop are among the 80 or so premises picked specifically for family enjoyment.

The 1st floor is “Family Fashion & Lifestyle”. An interactive kids zone called the “Miraiya no Mori” is a new business category of Miraiya Shoten (bookstore). It is comprised of four “Kodomo (Kids) Houses” with differing themes of interest for children- “Museum of Picture Book Classics”, “Kids Science”, “Kids Atelier” and “Kids Kitchen”. The “Kids Self-Checkout” allows children to try their hand at self-checkout. A concierge is stationed here to offer advice on which books and gifts are popular. Workshops and events will be held on weekends. This floor also houses The Daiso’s pop sundries store “papipupePOKKE” and “Zoff Marche”, a family-geared new business category from eyewear brand “Zoff”.

The 2nd floor “Kid’s Fashion & Lifestyle” boasts Aeon’s largest “Kid’s Republic” (children’s goods zone) where fashion, toys and stationery all gather. Next to this zone is the “Molly Fantasy” or indoor amusement park for children of 12 years old and under. Here children can enjoy the newest gaming equipment featuring a 3D figure of Lala-chan dancing on the monitor in response to a coloring picture of the character held over the scanner. The Baby & Kids Casual Zone consists of 20 stores including “HYSTERIC MINI” and “Barbie JILL STUART NEW YORK”. “Ribbon hakka kids” is a specialty shop whose opening will mark its first store in Chiba. It is accompanied by the family cafe named “Cafe R”.

But the biggest attraction element of the Family Mall is the 3rd floor entertainment spot. “Kandu” is a job experiencing theme park for all the family, opening in Japan for the first time. It is comprised of a “Venue” where children can experience 35 different jobs such as police, airline companies, banks and radio stations, and a restaurant with 530 seats where all members of the family can have a leisurely meal. The “Toei Hero World” is an interactive entertainment museum featuring Toei special effects hero works. Children can experience being the special effects hero themselves, with the actual suits and props used for filming on display. A cafe with dishes themed on the heroes offers a special eating experience enjoyable not only for the young but special effects adult fans too.

The “Bakauke Circus” is an antenna shop from Kuriyama Beika where “Original Bakauke (rice crackers)” can be made. The “Gochiso(feast) Park” is a food court with 600 seats and 8 eateries, among them the “MARCO’S Kitchen”- yet another new business from Marugame Seimen. Not to be missed is the spacious rooftop park “SKY PARK”, complete with a stage where mini events will be held, a fountain and a water-play area beach.

Part 4 looks at the “Active Mall” that answers to a multitude of sports demands.