The Active Mall lines up a variety of items including sports goods and household appliances. The shops lined up here allow customers to try out the sports items first hand and to be able to purchase the right equipment for an active lifestyle.

Within the mall, a 1,500-square meter size “Sports Authority,” the largest store in Japan, covers the 1st to 3rd floors. The lineup includes items for both amateurs and professionals. The 1st floor is dedicated to trekking and camping goods. The 430-square meter bouldering studio “Peki Peki” provides 3 types of menus from beginners to advanced. A 3x3 court and demonstration of camping equipment will also be available. At the Sports Authority Court, nine 60-inch screens will be set up for use for talk events inviting professional sports players and more.

The 2nd floor lines up team sports and fashion items. A space for testing out bats and soccer balls will open. The “Repair Marking Factory” offers repairs of sports items. A former professional baseball player will await customers on the floor to provide tips on the sport including training and techniques. Also, Nike Basketball Shop will open its largest shop in Japan.

The 3rd floor focuses on personal sports, health and beauty. Shaft Museum and Golf Simulator are set up for golf players, providing Japan’s highest number of golf shafts for tryout. Also, FOOTLAB to help customers choose the best shoes for them with measurement, running analysis and plantar pressure measurement, Charge Up Cafe offering personalized menus, Undo Juku for children, and Sports Clinic, Conditioning Center and Relaxation Space for rehabilitation and maintenance are available. On the roof, 3 indoor tennis courts, and 2 futsal courts with light fixtures for night games are available.

The Active Mall houses many more sports related shops. On the 1st floor, Japan’s largest lineup of bicycles will be presented. High end bicycles will be included in the lineup and customers can try out the items before making a purchase. “MURASAKI BOARDERS FACT,” a new type of store from Murasaki Sports, lines up snowboards, surfboards, skateboards and other action sports related items. A skateboard ramp and cafe are set up as well. Digital and household appliances chain “Nojima” is housed on the 1st and 2nd floors. The store will also focus on allowing customers to try out each of the products.

Part 5 will provide details on Pet Mall, which includes a 24-hour hospital for animals.