The largest “Pet Mall” in Japan will open at AEON Mall Shin Toshin. A 24-hour animal hospital and hotel will open, providing care for pet dogs and cats including discipline, training and rehabilitation.

The approx. 2,000 square-meter pet store “PECOS” covers two floors with a spacious stairwell. The store lines up a wide variety of goods under the theme “situations × items × services.”

The 1st floor dubbed “Services and Solutions” will introduce a beauty salon and space for discipline, training and more. Customers can watch their pets getting their fur trimmed to make sure the styling is perfect. At the training space, professionals will provide basic training tips to anti-aging brain training and dog sports courses. Training is catered according to the age and lifestyle of each pet. A spacious dog run is also set up outside.

24-hour hospital “AEON Animal Medical Center / AEON Animal Hospital Emergency Center” and hotel “Pet Inn Royal” will open. The hospital is run by vets who can provide treatment based on their specialties. Cutting edge medical equipment is installed, including a rehabilitation pool for hydrotherapy. The hotel has approx. 100 rooms and staff will play with the pets and take them for walks. As part of a new initiative, services for aging cats and dogs are also available.

At the “Lifestyle Shop” on the 2nd floor, natural foods, delis, sweets, sundries with pet motifs and more items proposing new lifestyles for pets will be sold. The deli and sweets section will offer delis, breads, and birthday cakes made with safe ingredients. Eat-in space is also available for pets and owners to enjoy meals together. In addition, cooking classes consisting of healthy menus for pets that can be made at home will be offered.

Doutor Coffee will open a new style of cafe where pets can also enter as customers. Pet Photo Studio Wan Wan Alice and aquarium shop “Aquarium Stage 21” will also open.