A promotional event by MEDICOM TOY is being held at Isetan Men’s (2F) for Christmas. Open until Dec 25.

The popular BE@RBRICK comes in Isetan limited tartan check (980 yen), wearing a Santa costume (1,575 yen) and with a Christmas tree painted on the body (1,575 yen).

The new brand “Sync.”, making its debut in November from MEDICOM TOY, introduces items in collaboration with various artists. For the event, the brand teams up with Isetan and Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi, who handled the design for Isetan’s Christmas campaign.

Christmas limited pen case (2,940 yen), iPad case (5,775 yen) and document case (12,600 yen) are among the lineup. Sofas from karimoku introducing textiles designed by Haapaniemi for the fabric are available for purchase order.

Some of the items are priced under 1,000 yen, which is reasonable for a gift. Female customers and families are visiting the event to purchase gifts for men.