“Roger Vivier”- the brand name that springs to anyone’s mind on the subject of French shoemakers. Its Creative Director of ten years, Bruno Frisoni, recently stepped on Japanese soil to commemorate the opening of the Roger Vivier store on the 2nd floor of Matsuya Ginza. We took this opportunity to ask Frisoni about the essence of the brand, namely, Monsieur Roger Vivier himself (hereafter referred to as “Monsieur”).

At the height of 50’s-70’s haute couture, Monsieur’s shoes took the fashion world by storm and graced the feet of numerous elegant women. But by the late 80’s they were legacies of the past, adorning only the glass cabinets of museum displays.

It would be 2001 before Monsieur’s works entered into the limelight again, as news of the acquisition of Roger Vivier by Diego Della Valle (President and CEO of the Tod’s Group) became apparent. Frisoni was appointed to Creative Director in 2003 and the following 2004 saw the opening of a flagship store on 29 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris.

To be continued in 2/6.