The Japan Olympic squad are in their final stretch of preparation for the imminent Sochi Olympics (22nd Winter Olympics) starting on Feb 6. At the games they will be wearing official sportswear and goods developed by official JOC partners DESCENTE, MIZUNO and asics japan.

DESCENTE have prepared eight items including training jackets and pants, warm coats, salopette pants, caps and gloves. The training jacket is dubbed “Transform Jacket” for its 3-way accommodation to various climates and will be worn at award ceremonies and press interviews.

A zip runs from the front hem up around the collar and down again to the opposite front hem, making possible the transformation from a long-sleeved light down jacket to a hooded highly waterproof jacket. The warm coat will be worn at the opening and closing ceremonies and is made of durable water repellent, water resistant, highly breathable and stretchable material. A women’s pattern was developed for the first time.

Meanwhile MIZUNO will provide zip-neck shirts, backpacks and carry bags. The zip-neck shirt flaunts the company’s trademark Breath Thermo fabric. The carry bag’s size conforms to flight carry-on luggage regulations and is designed with a large front pocket as well as inner compartments to hold laptop and tablet PCs.

Asics japan has developed T-shirts and shoes for athletes to wear in the Olympic Village and on the go. Two types of T-shirts are available, one themed on “Brilliance” with a pattern of snow crystals gathering to form a five-pointed star, and the other themed on “Support” engineered to enhance the mobility of the wearer.

Olympic merchandise fans will be happy to hear that training jackets, pants, gloves, bags and T-shirts emblazoned with the JOC 2nd Emblem will be made available in replicas.