The chocolate extravaganza that chocaholics dream of- Salon du Chocolat, is being held in Japan for the 12th time this year. Selection Boxes featuring bonbons by the very best chocolatiers are massively popular each year, and anyone looking to purchase one should prepare themselves for an overwhelmingly long queue!

The Selection Box lineup for 2014 consists of five types. The “SELECTION La Magie” (7,350yen) was inspired by the event theme “La Magie”, and is an expression of the fantastic world of chocolate. JEAN-PAUL HEVIN (M.O.F awardee), Sebastien BOUILLET, JEAN-CHARLES ROCHOUX, FABRICE GILLOTTE, and patisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris are but some among the impressive list of 15 chocolatiers contributing to this box. The unique box features a pop-up gimmick where figures of the chocolatiers dressed as magicians appear from underneath the lid.

A newcomer in the series is the “Origine France” (5,250yen), a revisitation of the roots of Salon du Chocolat and the rich terroir (soil) of France from which it was borne. Ten of France’s best patissiers and chocolatiers including Franck KESTENER, ARNAUD LARHER and Christine FERBER participated in the assembling of this selection, using distinctly French ingredients such as cassis and rosemary to produce a box of ten bonbon chocolats. Salon du Chocolat’s organizer and architect Francois Jeantet personally designed the box which features the Eiffel Tower on it.

Other boxes are the “SDC Paris Selection” Official Box (2,940yen), the “Selection Lait” (3,990yen) consisting of milk chocolate assortments- a must-have popular item among Japanese fans- and the “Charity Box” (2,625yen) created in the name of charity for sufferers of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Last year’s Charity Box drew attention for its box design which was illustrated by Setona Mizushiro (author of the manga Shitsuren Chocolatier). The 2014 version is illustrated by popular illustrator Takashi Taima under the theme of “The Children’s Power”.

Preceding the event, some Salon du Chocolat items were made available for purchase online starting Jan 15.