The “Traces of Disappearance” exhibition is being held at the Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo from Jan 18. A private viewing of the event, the ninth to be held at the Omotesando art space, was held on the 16th.

Anne and Patrick Poirier, Kasper Kovitz, Naoya Hatakeyama and Goang-Ming Yuan are the artists whose works can be seen at the exhibition.

The venue houses two huge and imposing artworks, the first a conic cage seven meters high placed in the center of the hall entitled “The Soul of the World”. Fluttering inside are eight live white doves symbolizing peace, and written on the floor encircling the base of the cone are words such as hatred, soul, fragrance, desire, future, meditation, and fragility. The Poiriers claim, “Fragility is an image we frequently use. The white doves symbolize the soul and peace, but at the same time their beings are finite. The words on the floor are always in our minds, in much the same way that the doves are flying around inside the cage.”

Throwing light onto the conic cage from its mount on the wall is Kovitz’s stained glass work, “The Sheer Size of It”, measuring seven meters in diameter. It is positioned so as to filter the abundance of natural light coming in through a window beyond, flooding the venue with a myriad of colors. Although at first glance a fairly simple image of Kovitz’s heaven, a closer look reveals the stained glass part to be made of tens of thousands of gummy candies, weighing 380kg in total. Temperatures and time will eventually cause the candies to melt, the colors to merge together and the image of heaven to gradually decay. “Art in the afterlife was what I had in mind. As the creating process advanced, I chose to incorporate an overwhelming element, and the result was this size,” comments Kovitz.

Hatakeyama’s photo series “Mont Ventoux” is mounted on the walls of the exhibition hall and is an unusual case of photography displayed in a natural light environment. The screening of Yuan’s video installation “Disappearing Landscape- Reason to be a Leaf” is at the venue’s entrance, inside the 1st floor Louis Vuitton Shop.

Curators Murielle Hladik and Eva Kraus contemplated “…how it would be possible to materialize the passage of time. Nothing is immune to time, the world is transitory, everything changes, rots and decays. We chose artists with the capacity to express all this in artistic ways. We expect that the works as well as our visitors will find dialogue among themselves here.”

【Event Information】
“Traces of Disappearance”
Venue: Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo
Address: 7F Louis Vuitton Omotesando Bldg, 5-7-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Exhibited Through: Jan 18 to Apr 13
Opening/ Closing Times: 12:00pm to 8:00pm
Admission free