Salon du Chocolat opens at Isetan Shinjuku from Jan 22. Approx. 80 brands from 10 different countries including 50 or so of the world’s top chocolatiers will line up delicious items for the grand event.

This year’s event is larger in scale compared to the previous year and will be held on the sixth and seventh floors.

The Selection Box, which attracts throngs of people as soon as the event opens, will be available on the seventh floor. Also, items from Mori Yoshida and Vincent Gualais, the first timers, Patrick Roger, Christophe Berger, Bernard Loiseau and other renowned brands will be lined up. Chocolat by Bonnat referred to as “rare chocolat,” because it is sold in very small amounts will be available on the sixth floor. The brand will also team up with the famous Brasserie VIRON to offer “Baguette au Chocolat” (630 yen) as an eat-in menu on the seventh floor.

On the sixth floor, around 70 brands including Jean-Paul Hevin, patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris, and Christine Ferber will gather under the theme “La Magie (magic).”

Another thing to look forward to this year is the rich lineup of sweets aside from chocolate. patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris will present “Tokyo Yaki” (381 yen) for which customers usually wait in line for 30 minutes, pain au chocolat and croissant (351 yen each), “Eclair Bamboo” with green tea and chocolate (481 yen), “Fondant au Marron Gifu” with almond, white bean paste and chestnut from Gifu prefecture (381 yen) and more.

In addition, approx. 20 items such as the popular burger “Brioche au Foie Gras” from Musee du Chocolat Theobroma (1,050 yen) and “Caramel Chocolat,” a new kouign amann from Henri Le Roux (315 yen) will be in store.