An exhibit of artworks by Christian Bonnefoi is currently available at Maison Hermes in Ginza, Tokyo. His works dated from 1974 to 2013, some on display for the first time are showcased as a series of drawings and collages.

The exhibits include: “Babel” to view rough drawings as forms, “Eureka” to focus on the concept of paintings, “Fioretti” to reconsider sketches as the process of attempting various techniques, “Ludo” and “Composition” to center on collages as installations or techniques, and “Machines et diagramme” to think about verbalized images created by a concept. One can grasp the process of examining paintings that Bonnefoi aims for by looking at each series relating to one another. He uses different materials such as canvas, translucent cloth and ceramics. Some works are small and some are 6-meter collages specially recreated for the exhibit.

For the exhibit, architect Hideyuki Nakayama set up the venue to look like a house with several small rooms. The various types of artworks by Bonnefoi are laid out according to a structured and conceptual plan. The thin plywood boards serving as walls stand as if they were sheets of white drawing paper. The artworks are nailed onto the boards to blend with its background, which brings out the qualities of the different types of materials used. The space as a whole becomes a piece of art. This aspect symbolizes collages, and depicts the artist’s perception of the paintings as substances through the use of different materials.

Six concepts are introduced to better understand the creative process of Bonnefoi and also allow us to reconsider paintings, the most classic form of art. At the same time, the space design by Nakayama stresses the importance of “designing the exhibition.”

【Exhibit Information】
Christian Bonnefoi Exhibit
Venue: Ginza Maison Hermes FORUM
Address: 5-4-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Date: until Feb 28
Time: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (until 7:00 pm on Sundays)
Admission free