The special exhibit “Sky TV for Hokkaido” by Yoko Ono is open at P3 art and environment Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Until Mar 22.

“Sky TV for Hokkaido” exhibits artworks reconstructed from Ono’s installations on the Tokachi plains. The installations were set up in 2005 in a deserted farmhouse for a pioneer family situated in Tokachi Millennium Forest. Using the P3 gallery space and the premises of Tochoji Temple, it showcases many photos along with all of Ono’s artworks.

The gallery offers a tour to circulate the venue with a recorded recitation by Ono. The photos of the special exhibit, the visuals of the sky in Tokachi and Ono’s 15 handwritten words dubbed the “Blue Room Event” create a forest-like atmosphere.

At the entrance of Tochoji Temple, artworks titled “Wish Tree” and “Cloud Piece” are lined up. Visitors can tie their written wishes onto the Wish Tree. After the exhibit closes, the wishes will be transferred to Ono’s artwork “Imagine Peace Tower” in Iceland to become a bundle of light together with other wishes received from around the world. This will then be sent to the stratosphere of the Arctic Circle.

P3 art and environment was founded in 1989 in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Bankisan Tochoji Temple. The exhibit is hosted as the pre-opening event for the new gallery space of P3. The opening event will be held on Apr 25, when P3 marks its 25th anniversary.

【Exhibit Information】
“Sky TV for Hokkaido” by Yoko Ono
Venue: P3 art and environment Gallery
Address: Annex Building 1F, Yotsuya 4-34-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Dates: Jan 16 to Mar 22
Time: 12 pm to 7 pm
Closed: Sundays through Wednesdays
Free admission