On Jan 24, the book “All About Yohji Yamamoto from 1968” (2,835 yen) was published from Bunka Publishing Bureau. The book, which reveals the history of Yohji Yamamoto’s career as a designer, was edited by Toshiko Taguchi, the former editor in chief of the magazines “High Fashion” and “Mr. High Fashion.”

The book compiles past articles on Yohji Yamamoto, which were featured in the magazines Soen, High Fashion and Mr. High Fashion (all published from Bunka Publishing Bureau). Archives covering all collections of Yohji Yamamoto femme/homme, exclusive backstage photos of the Paris Collections, images of the awarded works of the 1969 Soen award, photos of the joint show “6・1 THE MEN” held in Tokyo in 1991 with COMME des GARCONS, interview among Yamamoto, Wim Wenders and Limi Yamamoto, portrait of Pina Bausch clad in Yamamoto’s designs and other valuable information are introduced. A recent interview with the designer is also included.