On Mar 1, Printemps Ginza will introduce 17 renewed shops including 5 located on the foods floor and 8 on the sports floor. With regards to the Ginza area, these shops will only be available here. The target is working women in their twenties to thirties.

On the second basement foods floor, cheesecake shop TOKYO FUFU, Natural Crepe, bakery TiMi, bubble tea shop Quickly, and JUNOESQUE BAGEL SHOP will open. The eat-in space will be expanded with a total of 36 seats in 6 areas. A new entrance directly facing Marronnier Dori is in line with the concept “Let’s go,” to produce a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

The sports floor will move from the second basement floor of the Mode building to the fifth floor of the main building. The new floor will be four times larger than the previous to line up yoga wear from Flemew, easy yoga, Real Stone, Puravida! and Anri&Bebe, fitness wear from DA MISS and La-2, and running wear from Under Armour. The yoga related shops are new to the lineup to attract women who are health conscious.

As for womenswear, Danny & Anne and MIIA will open on the second floor of the main building and B ability on the fourth floor. On the first basement floor, Fun Duce will line up daily sundries.