The history of the stories “Guri and Gura,” which celebrated the 50th anniversary last year, will be revealed as part of an exhibit to be held at Matsuya Ginza. On the 8th floor from Feb 27 to Mar 10.

The story is written by Rieko Nakagawa and illustrated by Yuriko Yamawaki. The two are sisters. The first story was published in the magazine “Kodomo no Tomo” in 1963. Since, the series of stories have been popular for half a century. The main characters are two wild mice named Guri and Gura. Episodes about the two in scenes such as the forest and the sea are depicted.

Symbolic scenes from the stories will be reproduced and showcased with valuable items totaling to 170 including first editions and original drawings. The contents include original drawings from earlier works such as “Iyaiyaen,” “Sorairo no Tane” and “Takara Sagashi.” A reading corner arrayed with all works and furnished with chairs and bookshelves adorned with Guri and Gura will also be set-up.

【Exhibit Information】
50th Anniversary Guri and Gura Exhibit
Venue: 8F Event Square Matsuya Ginza
Address: 3-6-1 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo
Dates: Feb 27 to Mar 10
Admission: general 1,000 yen, university and high school students 700 yen, middle school students 500 yen, free admission for elementary school students and under