PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE introduced its latest campaign visuals titled “Flowers.”

Japanese camellia, plums, tulips and various other flowers are designed with the brand's iconic pleats. Under the concept “flowers born from clothes,” the motifs are introduced on the ad for the new store at Narita International Airport, store displays and shopping bags. “I never get tired of the beauty of flowers. The fun of the brand comes from sensibilities rather than logic,” explained graphic designer Taku Satoh.

A movie is available on the official website and is also being screened until the end of this month at the new shop located at Terminal 2 of Narita International Airport.

The new images are a part of a series beginning in 2005, which is being handled by Taku Satoh Design Office. The mission is to create visuals which surpass the realm of an apparel brand. In 2013, the visuals commemorating the brand’s 20th anniversary won Gold Prize from the 92nd NY ADC Awards under the design category as well as the JAGDA award. The “Sushi” visuals of 2008 also won the Silver Prize from the NY ADC under the poster category in addition to the JAGDA award.