Isetan Mitsukoshi currently holds a pop-up event dubbed “Nipponista” for one week in Soho, New York. An opening reception was held in the city on Feb 5.

Party guests included Anna Sui, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kansai Yamamoto and other designers and artists who work closely with Isetan. A team of Tokyo designers- Tamaki Hirokawa (Somarta), Kunihiko Morinaga (Anrealage), Hiromichi Ochiai (FACETASM) and Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi (mintdesigns) also attended and gave interviews to local media.

“My last visit here was when I held a show in 2005 after winning the avant-garde award from Gen Art,” answered Morinaga. “This is the first time for me to present my designs in New York,” said Ochiai, Katsui and Yagi. “I am starting to get a number of offers in New York, especially art-related events,” explained Hirokawa. Events related to Japanese culture often focus on traditional arts and crafts in modern tastes of Wa (Japanese elements). However, Isetan Mitsukoshi takes a fresh approach of introducing young Japanese brands. The reaction of New Yorkers is worth taking note of.

The venue exhibited dresses designed by Daisy Balloon, a balloon art unit handling the decoration of the pop-up, and welcomed Open Reel Ensemble, which performs at Issey Miyake’s fashion shows in Paris, that performed their first demo live in New York. The party was catered with Japanese cuisine to entertain the guests.