The commercial complex “Ikspiari” located on the premises of Tokyo Disneyland Resort will undergo its largest renewal since its opening in 2000. Under the concept “Brand New Story Ikspiari,” approx. forty stores covering a quarter of the complex will be renewed this spring to fall.

For part one, eighteen stores including first timers in Chiba will open in turn from Mar to Apr. The lineup includes: apparel brand “GUESS,” lifestyle select shop newly developed by Ikspiari “Natural Anthem,” French style sundries store “Maison de FLEUR” and skincare brand from Hokkaido “LAUREL.”

Twelve food stores and restaurants will be housed on the first floor “The Courtyard” in Apr. The takeout corner “Food Food” will set up a spot to introduce popular and seasonal sweets and Japanese, Western and Chinese delis. Next to the spot, premium ice cream shop “Ben & Jerry's,” Belgian waffle shop “Manneken” and more will open. Ikspiari original menus will be also available.