Etro’s capsule collection “Eden” designed in collaboration with Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa is in stores from Feb 12. In line with this, Jacopo Etro, who handled the project, visited Japan. When we interviewed him at the pop-up event at Isetan Shinjuku being held until Feb 17, he said, “Mika is a great artist. I love her work and personality.”

“We worked with Mika last year as well at Isetan Shinjuku. She photographed our products and also handled the display direction. We wanted to do something more interesting and more closely related to the products. That is how Eden came to be.”

The collection consists of thirty items including bags, shawls, accessories and wear. Using Etro’s paisley pattern as a base, motifs of butterflies and stones symbolizing Ninagawa were combined.

“We designed the products together in Milan. The finished products are fun, fresh and cute. Don’t you think they bring out Mika’s character? I’m very pleased with how they turned out. From the start, I asked her to create a collection with a big impact.”

The brand and Ninagawa cooperated to perfect every detail including fasteners and other accompanying materials. “Take the clutch bag for example. When you open it, the inside is red. The zipper and pocket add functionality to the beautiful design. We didn’t forget to discuss about such details as well.”

Prices are set between 17,850 to 102,900 yen, which are reasonable considering the brand’s price ranges. The aim is to attract young women around the age of 25, who can relate to Ninagawa’s pop and fantastic work, and introduce them to the brand.

Mr. Etro has been a fan of Ninagawa’s works since the two met at the event “Etro Circus” held in Tokyo in 2008. “Mika is also a great movie director. I would like her to create a short film fusing elements of the brand and Japan to be shown on our website and at our boutiques. I am a big fan of both Mika and Japan.” He also told us that he comes to Japan often to collect kimono textiles.

“Japanese culture is one of the most refined in the world. This is why Japanese artists are popular in various countries. I am a fan of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and artist Yoshitomo Nara to name a few. I hope to be able to work with them too in future.”

In addition to Isetan Shinjuku (until Feb 17), the capsule collection will also be available at pop-up events at Ginza Mitsukoshi (Feb 18 to 23), Hankyu Umeda (Feb 26 to Mar 4) and Tokyu Toyoko (Feb 27 to Mar 12). Will go on sale at Etro Ginza Main store from Feb 18 and Etro boutiques nationwide from Mar 1.