The new campaign “2014 Isetan Hanabanasai” will begin on Feb 26. Daito Manabe of creative unit Rhizomatiks as art directior created the images for the campaign. Shigeo Goto handled creative direction and Chikashi Suzuki took the photos.

The theme of the art direction is “dance.” For the visuals, artist Ayami Muto, who will debut this spring from the agency Amuse Inc. (also representing popular techno pop idol unit “Perfume”), performs a dance wearing a dress designed by sacai. Analog and digital images were crossed and finished off simply without adding any other elements. Posing direction was handled by Mikiko, who is known for the choreography of Perfume.

For the fashion aspect of the campaign, Isetan proposes “High Impact Pink” styles to express one’s identity and preferences.