“The Black Sense Festival 2014” was held at Yoyogi Stadium 1st Gymnasium on Feb 23. At the special event, mastermind JAPAN presented a runway show consisting of 109 looks from archive collections.

In addition to the 33 looks designed for the “Isetan Extra Collection,” designs covering the entire history of the brand dating from 1997 AW to 2014 SS were introduced. The Extra Collection was sold exclusively at the venue via the smartphone app “origami” and was practically sold out an hour after the show. The lineup is currently available on origami once more in collaboration with the event “The Black Sense Market in Isetan” (open until Mar 3).

Approx. 8,000 people came to see the show. Accompanied by a DJ and orchestra performance, models clad in mastermind JAPAN designs walked the 40-m runway. The show closed with the song “Time To Say Goodbye” with violins playing in the background.

A rep from the brand said, “We received a passionate request from editor in chief Satoshi Moriya (of Sense magazine), asking us to participate in the festival. We have no specific plans regarding what comes next.”