The new magazine “ART FUSION 01” edited by artbeat publishers will go on stands from Mar 28. Priced at 2,000 yen and issued in Japanese and English by Little more Co., Ltd.

Many spirited artists took part in the creation of the first issue. Photos of actress Rila Fukushima were scanned by Daito Manabe and transformed into mode photography by Chikashi Suzuki. Those by Kishin Shinoyama in collaboration with dancer Jo Kanamori and dance company Noism are also featured. Shinoyama praises Kanamori’s performances as “perfect beauty at every moment.” Photographer Taisuke Koyama and contemporary artist Kohei Nawa present the sequel to their 2011 collaboration “SANDWICH Textures.” Also, Viviane Sassen, Mai-Thu Perret, Yuki Onodera × Kunihiko Morinaga (designer of Anrealage), Daisuke Yokota, Ina Jang, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Bettina Rheims and others present their artworks.

“We will provide an exciting lineup of what is hot in contemporary art. We are interested to see what is born from the elements that we fuse into the magazine,” explained Shigeo Goto and Sawako Fukai of artbeat publishers.

“Creation of art and fashion fused photos” is the concept of the new magazine, which will introduce successful artists, photographers and fashion designers/brands from around the world. The magazine aims to become the trend setter of image creation for the next five years.

Editorial direction is handled by Shigeo Goto, editing by Shigeo Goto and Sawako Fukai, editorial work by Yuri Sato, Sakurako Goto, Zhihai Zhao and Aiko Koike. Art direction is handled by functive, graphics by Kohei Nawa and digital typography by Daito Manabe.

The magazine will be available at Isetan Shinjuku, worldwide art bookstores and select shops.