E-commerce website “2PMWORKS” for anime and fashion will line-up M65 jackets and stoles from the collaboration of the anime “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” and fashion brand “AZ by junhashimoto.”

The jacket uses high density weave cotton and comes in a slim silhouette. The action pleats and sleeves are designed to support mobility. The anime logo is introduced on the lining of the design. Available in the colors black or olive and in the sizes S, M or L. Priced at 18,500 yen. A line drawing in neon-pink of the anime character Motoko Kusanagi is printed onto the camouflage patterned stole. Priced at 8,800 yen. Those who purchase the items will receive an illustration of Motoko Kusanagi.

Designer Jun Hashimoto and Kenji Kamiyama, the director of the anime, first met when designing the M65 jackets appearing in the anime “Eden of the East,” one of the works of Kamiyama.