ISSEY MIYAKE designed by Yoshiyuki Miyamae presented its 2014-15 AW collection under the theme “Rhythmatic Forest.” In line with the theme, designs with motifs inspired from forests were introduced.

The show began with an exciting performance by the models that appeared holding semi-circular cases and then opening the contents as they posed in front of the audience. Inside were disk-shaped cloths with pleats. As the models pulled on the cloths, the shapes gradually changed and became three-dimensional dresses and tops. The models wore the designs on the runway and were applauded from the watching crowd. The items named “Ringed Pleats” shown here are the latest products from the brand. The curvilinear pleats folded into a concentric circle look like growth rings of trees.

The next scene introduced a lineup of wear using laminated striped patterns. Uneven textures are created as a result of the lamination, which adds personality to the designs. Pants, dresses, jackets and coats presented an ethnic feel. The looks were styled with the “Guston” leather bag. The reversible bag combines silver leather and laminated prints and changes shape depending on the items placed inside. This bag is the new “it” bag of the brand.

For the finale, the “3D Steam Stretch” series based on the one presented for the 2012-13 AW season appeared. The new series applied stretch threads for the warp as well to create elasticity all around. By applying steam to a piece of cloth to shrink it in to a three-dimensional form, the method can be used to design tops, skirts and dresses. Three folding lines can be created along the hem as well. It’s not just about the appearance, but also efficiency.

Blue, green, red, orange, brown and other colors suggesting the different seasons in forests were seen. The collection developed wonderful ideas from one of the brand’s design concepts, “A Piece Of Cloth.”