A new international brand named “BY KAMAWANU” has debuted from Tenugui Brand “Kamawanu.” To commemorate this, a pop-up will open at Isetan Shinjuku (5F) from Apr 1 to 15.

The scarf collection dubbed “SCARF BY KAMAWANU” is designed by Copenhagen-based Thomas Lykke and will debut in Japan at the pop-up. It is already in stores overseas.

This February, a total of ten designs in six patterns were first presented at the trade fair “Ambiente 2014” held in Frankfurt, Germany. Based in different tones of the color indigo symbolic to Japan, a mix of traditional Japanese patterns with geometric ones create a unique lineup of scarves. A diamond-pattern was added to the collection in line with the start of sales in Japan. Botanical patterns are fused with diamond shapes to create a universal design.

The collection uses a traditional dyeing technique named “chusen,” which dates back to the Meiji Period. The color of the dyes is influenced by room temperature and humidity and finishes off each scarf as one of a kind. Also, the technique prints the pattern on both sides of the design, making it reversible. Made of 100% fine cotton, the texture becomes smoother through use.

The entire collection along with an installation will be set-up at the Kamawanu Asakusa Utensils Store after the pop-up at Isetan closes.