H&M launches the new global campaign “H&M Loves Music.” In this, artist MADEMOISELLE YULIA is featured as the sole Asian model.

The campaign is divided into two parts. The first part beginning in April features MADEMOISELLE YULIA as DJ along with Cate Underwood, Eclair Fifi and Dream Koala.

The visuals will be revealed at stores in Japan from Apr 4. All items selected by Yulia will be tagged as “Mademoiselle Yulia’s Selection.” Also, outfits styled by the artist will decorate the windows of the Harajuku, Shibuya, Ebisubashi and Nagoya Matsuzakaya stores.

From 8 pm on the same day, H&M Harajuku will post an enormous photo of Yulia on its exterior. Yulia will also perform live for guests attending the shopping party where all items can be purchased at a 25% discount. Invitations to the party can be obtained from the brand’s mobile site and official SNS accounts.

The theme of the latest collection by H&M is “Prepare for the dance floor.” Items can be used to spice up daily wear or become the main design for an outfit to go dancing at night.