For its 2014-15 AW collection, Y’s of the Yohji Yamamoto group teamed up with Alcantara of Italy. A fashion show introducing designs made of the luxury fabric “Alcantara” was held at the “Fusion of Italian Art (Heart) and Japanese Technology” event hosted by the Italian Embassy on Mar 26.

Under the seasonal theme “Elegant Military,” Y’s presented men’s clothes designed for women in line with its design concept. The collection drew inspiration from military uniforms and fashion from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century, the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Alcantara fabric was seen in feminine and modern militaristic designs including outerwear, bottoms and bags. It was weaved, printed with flower patterns, laminated in silver and processed with quilting.

Popular Japanese models such as Hana Matsushima, Kozue Akimoto and Mona Matsuoka walked the runway wearing the brand’s latest designs. The collaboration collection will be sold through orders. Prior to the show, Alcantara announced plans to expand its business in Japan.