In 2005, France’s star designer, Christian Lacroix, designed an innovative uniform for Air France.

A pants style was introduced for the first time in the company’s history. From the 70s onwards, women wore pants styles in various scenes, be it during the day or as part of a tuxedo in place of an evening dress.

At that time, ANA also introduced a pantaloons style uniform, but the trend did not continue.

Also, Lacroix designed a total of 35 items to increase the number of styles. With the various choices of styling, the flight attendants were able to wear the uniform in a style that looked best on them.

“The flight attendants receive annual points from the company for use when renewing their uniforms. They are able to choose the items as they please, but the outfits have to be styled according to our manual. The manual has many styling tips inside,” said Mr. Souillot of Air France.

Lacroix’s gorgeous designs are imaged after the clouds in the sky; the neck scarf is one of the items expressing the concept.

This spring, Air France began its new services to Tokyo-Haneda Airport. Japanese fliers will be in closer contact with the French spirit designed by Lacroix.

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