The “Girls Love Mode- Let's Prism Power Make Up” event at Isetan Shinjuku (2F) presents collaboration items by popular animation “Sailor Moon” and three fashion brands. Open until Apr 8.

The three brands are: Riccimie PREMIERE SALON, Honey Bunch and Secret Honey by Honey Bunch. All collaboration items are exclusive to the event.

The lineup includes: sailor color sweat tops (13,000 yen), cardigan with detachable ribbon (11,000 to 15,000 yen), tote bag decorated with the magic phrases of Sailor Moon used during transformation (4,200 to 9,000 yen) and chiffon skirt with layered original textile of moon and cat motifs and striped fabric (13,000 yen).

On the opening day of the event, six white long dresses, costing 100,000 yen each, designed by Riccimie PREMIERE SALON in the image of Princess Serenity were sold. The event continues to attract customers who are after exclusive items.

“This event is part of the Japan Senses campaign carried out by Isetan Mitsukoshi. The second floor of Isetan Shinjuku focuses on Japanese manga/anime to organize special events. Last Halloween, we saw many women in their twenties dressed up as Sailor Moon, which is how we came up with ideas for this event. We aimed to create collaboration items that introduce the motifs of the anime in subtle ways. We want the wearers to enjoy the playful details that perhaps only the wearer would notice,” explained an Isetan buyer.

The three brands for the collaboration belong to the Samantha Thavasa Japan Group, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year similarly to the anime. “Cooperation between the anime creators and the fashion brands were crucial in order to create fresh fashion items in a short time span,” added the buyer.

Large panels of the five main Sailor Moon characters decorate the entrance of the event space, along with the special logo “Isetan Sailor Moon.” Purchased items come in shopping bags adorned with the logo.